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Great service, lovely food! Best pizza place in the area.

Noname, 19 Sep 2020

Recived my food yet i didnt recive my bottle of pop i also orderd but they took my money.

Becky, 19 Sep 2020

Not really any complaints, but always do your best.

Katie, 18 Sep 2020

Very good food, never failed us yet!! CJM

Chris, 18 Sep 2020

I love your food however I have just ordered a mixed kebab with sish chicken and doner but you sent it with steak agian this is the second time now its been wrong

Lisa Monks, 16 Sep 2020


Ben, 15 Sep 2020

lovely as always

Sarah, 14 Sep 2020

Lovely food and service

Chelsey, 13 Sep 2020

Always quality food

Martyn, 11 Sep 2020

Excellent quality of food. Very slow service speed.

Sarah, 05 Sep 2020

Good food qlot quicker if you fetch it

Kyle, 05 Sep 2020


Rob, 02 Sep 2020

Very good service all the time

Shlinder, 02 Sep 2020

Always good service and good people.

Ian, 01 Sep 2020

Food is always fresh and not greasy like other takeaways.

Diane, 31 Aug 2020


D, 31 Aug 2020

Lovely pizzas and friendly staff

Susan, 30 Aug 2020

Pretty dece

Archie, 29 Aug 2020

Been going for years never had a bad experience. Foods always on point.

Noname, 27 Aug 2020

Always bloody good can’t wait

Jamie, 26 Aug 2020

Food is excellent and piping hot on receiving it. A bit long winded on delivery but when they're making quality food there's a big demand on them so I forgive them for taking time lol

Ian, 26 Aug 2020

First time ordering amazing food but was not ready in the time given for collection

Bethany, 23 Aug 2020

always put go to takeaway, always on time! Always amazing food! Always great value for money.

Nikita, 21 Aug 2020

Excellent staff and delivery drivers are excellent

Helen, 19 Aug 2020

Fantastic staff and delivery drivers are awesome

Helen, 19 Aug 2020

The best!!!! 5*

Rhys, 19 Aug 2020